Let us look after your financial future

Whether you need superannuation, insurance, stock market exposure and trading, or you want to plan for your children's future, we source the investment vehicles that will suit your specific needs. We are not required to 'sell' any one product over another, so you can be sure that every decision we make is made in your best interest.


Including self managed, industry, personal and defined benefits funds


+ Maximise contributions
+ Maximise tax efficiencies
+ Manage investment strategy
+ Manage retirement income streams



Various products including income protection, life, trauma, total and permanent disability and business

+ Review existing cover
+ Analyse and recommend cover
+ Negotiate best rates
+ Manage the claims process



All investment asset classes including cash, shares, property and more

+ Comprehensive advice
+ Direct shares and specialist investment managers
+ Review investment performance
+ Analyse the asset allocation
+ Handle all of the paperwork
+ Ongoing recommendations


Wealth creation strategies

Including asset structure, borrowing to invest and share portfolios

+ Develop your financial roadmap
+ Cash flow management
+ Debt management
+ Modelling and projections
+ Collaborate with tax advisers

Wealth creation


Estate planning

Including wills, powers of attorney, guardianship and testamentary trusts

+ Ensure assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes
+ Transfer wealth to family members to ensure maximum tax effectiveness

Estate planning

Inter-generational wealth

Including wealth transfer, giving and legacies


+ Financial support for family members
+ Plan family wealth protection
+ Manage inheritances
+ Consider opportunities for philanthropy

Inter-generational wealth

Our investment philosophy

Truly successful investing is about discipline – it's not about chasing the highest return in any one year. We target long term, consistent performance for you as opposed to speculative day trading. Our job is to try to avoid mistakes that erode wealth and to manage your portfolio over the long term so your financial independence is secure.

Our approach to portfolio management is driven by these fundamental beliefs.

+  Diversification leads to more consistent outcomes

+  A disciplined approach underpins successful investing

+  Risk and return are interrelated

+  Investment decisions should be guided by qualified experts

+  Portfolios must be tailored to each clients’ objectives and risk profile

+  The performance of portfolios be benchmarked against agreed indices.