Step 1. Discover

Let's get to know each other

+  Understand your goals
+  Understand your risk profile
+  Build a picture of your situation
+  Identify if we can add value

Step 1.


Step 2. Strategise

Prepare a Statement of Advice

+ Engage with your team
+ Analyse the data
+ Model your financial future
+ Develop investment strategy
+ Present and discuss

Step 2.


Step 3. Implement & manage

Let's get started

+ Review & confirm the advice and fees
+ Obtain your authority
+ Meet your admin specialist 
+ Take control of management
and day-to-day admin

Step 3.

Implement &


Step 4. Track & measure

Track progress against goals

+ Regular reviews
+ Respond to changes in your circumstances & legislation
+ Update the strategy
+ Provide peace of mind

Step 4.

Track & measure

Our 360º

client management


We offer a ‘high touch’ approach to looking after our clients’ affairs, giving all of our attention to a select group for whom we can truly make a difference.  


Absolute fee transparency

Our remuneration is generally a fixed, annual fee based on the complexity of each client's affairs, with any investment commissions refunded to you.

We receive no benefit from promoting one investment vehicle over another – every decision is made in your best interest. The bottom line is there are no surprises and there is ultimate transparency around all costs and expenses.

Because we don't develop our own financial products we choose the best fit for each situation. We then provide ongoing strategic advice with relevant and regular management, reviewing and reporting.


This is not a ‘set and forget’ approach - it is highly hands-on with regular communication.

I am comfortable referring our clients to Parker Financial because I know they are in good hands. Parker Financial reflects all the attributes of excellent client service. I value their professionalism, integrity and strong, ongoing communication.

We work closely together in the interest of our mutual clients. The relationship is such that it is a comfortable extension of our client service. The Parker people are often involved in shared client meetings, thereby improving the information flow in the interest of the client. Parker Financial will often check in with us to determine the tax implications of advice.


They are never precious about who owns the ideas. It is about getting the best outcomes for our clients.

Gail Kinsella
Director, Kinsella Chartered Accountants


Our values underpin our culture

Our values have been intrinsic to our success over the last 25 years.

Through the market ups and downs, it is our values and investment philosophy that have guided our behaviours and consolidated the support from our clients.


We understand this is earned, not given away so we need to be reliable, responsive and professional to earn it from each other and from our clients.

Ultimate care

We really care about our clients and each other. We love doing what we do for them and doing it really well.


Everyone on the team is important. Every staff member. Every client. Every one of our partners. Collaboration means sharing, supporting, being flexible and respectful.

Strategic thinking

We need to push ourselves to innovate every day – in our processes, financial solutions, research methodology and big picture thinking.