‘Over the past 25 years we have built a community of people like us who we can connect together for mutual benefit and financial success’

Ron Parker Director & Founder


Why Parker Financial?

We are a niche, financial advisory and wealth management firm.
We make a difference to our clients’ financial future, providing them with confidence and peace of mind.

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More than

25 years in


+ Well known & respected

+ Longstanding reputation

+ Sound investment philosophy

+ Strong core values

+ Connected

$1 Billion under management

+ ‘Best fit’ investment vehicles

+ No in-house products

No conflict of interest

+ Annual fixed fee
+ Investment comms rebated

+ Total transparency

330 valued


+ Select group of clients
+ Deep, long term relationships
+ Hands-on advisers

+ Your personal CFO

5 advisers

11 support staff

+ Degree qualified
+ Highly experienced
+ Based in Canberra
+ Servicing East coast

+ Warm, inclusive family culture

Fundamental to our business is our connectedness.

Through our network of connections we solve problems, orchestrate the best outcomes and facilitate extraordinary solutions for our clients.
When you join Parkers you become connected to a community of
like-minded people.

Connect with us to set up a consultation.

"For the last 10 years we have been blessed to have Paul 'on our team'. We're busy in our professional lives and money management is not our forte but Paul keeps us well informed so we are confident our wealth assets are being well managed for a secure future."

Dr Bill Burke and Dr Gabrielle Cooper