When you get right down to it, superannuation is about building a reliable income for retirement and maximising the tax concessions available.

There have been significant changes to the rules governing superannuation that will have serious ramifications on the amounts that can be contributed to superannuation both before and after-tax, not to mention the amounts that can be held in pension phase and accumulation phase under the new rules.

Whilst we specialise in self-managed superannuation funds [SMSFs], as Canberra-based financial advisers we are particularly experienced in analysing public service superannuation schemes such as CSS, PSS, DFRDB and MSBS.  We are also well versed on the impact of recent changes to defined benefit pensions and why it’s important to get the calculations right.

What we also know for sure is that superannuation just got more complicated and many people leave superannuation in the too-hard basket.  However, if you would like to take action now, please come and talk to us.  We’d be very happy to review your situation and help you understand what it all means for you.

How we help

We look after people who want to get on top of their superannuation. Whether it’s establishing and managing an SMSF or advising on investment selection, we have the expertise to help you with all your superannuation needs.

Questions that we help our clients answer include:

  1. Should I have an SMSF?
  2. How do I combine separate accounts?
  3. How do I actually make and maximise contributions?
  4. What are the different types of contributions and the limits that apply to each one [from salary sacrifice to non-concessional contributions]?
  5. How do I know which is the best claim option in relation to my defined benefit fund?
  6. What are the best options under the new rules that start on 1 July 2017?

We are here to help you do something proactive for your future.

Get in touch with us to discuss your superannuation.

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