Investment Management

Are you looking for a better way of managing your finances?

What risks are you ready to accept?

When you set out to invest, it’s so easy to never reach your goals. There’s the risk of losing capital. There’s also the risk of passing up golden opportunities by being overly cautious.

When you’re facing these questions on your own, it can be hard to strike that balance: to decide what risks are worth taking. Years later, you’re left with the frustration of seeing investments you passed up steadily rise in value.

Is it all getting too much?

When you manage your own investments, it gets hard to stay on top of everything. Window-faced envelopes pile up in your mailbox. Your share portfolio starts to look like an over-run garden.

For some couples, one partner has been managing the finances but isn’t able to keep doing so.

Are you being listened to?

You may already have a financial adviser but the communication isn’t working for you. It’s hard to reach them. You have ideas but don’t feel that they take you seriously. Somehow, you always end up being talked into their preferred approach.

You’d like to try investing in direct shares. You want to explore options that you just can’t get from a one-size-fits-all managed fund.

You’re looking for the kind of personalised service that Parker Financial provides.

How we help

We tailor an investment strategy that reflects your needs, goals and ideas. We review your asset allocation and investments, from direct shares and property right through to term deposits.

Some of our clients fall into a clear category in how they want to work with us:

  • the highly engaged investors. They want an expert opinion from someone who’ll sit down and explore ideas.
  • those who just want us to take care of it all. They’re comfortable enjoying the results

However, most fall somewhere in between. That’s where Parker Financial comes into its own: building a portfolio and engagement approach for each client from the ground up.

Get in touch to discuss how we can get your investments growing.

Parker Financial Investment Management