Our Approach

We create a financial strategy around your needs, everything from wealth creation to retirement planning and more.  You are not locked into a ready-made plan. Having said that, we do have a consistent investment philosophy that underpins our approach.

Overall strategy

Truly successful investing is about discipline. It’s definitely not about chasing the highest return in any one year. We want to see your portfolio grow but reaching long-term financial independence needs a long-term approach. At Parker Financial, we avoid the mistakes that erode wealth.

One of the most common investing mistakes is reacting to short-term performance. A novice investor may sell stock the moment it starts depreciating or buy up heavily in a company that’s attracting a brief flare of interest.

A more experienced investor understands that some markets, managers or securities may not perform as well as others and may even temporarily drop in value before recovering. This is a natural cycle. Reacting to this when it isn’t necessary can result in giving up long-term value. Instead, we conduct regular reviews and rebalancing to keep your portfolio on track. We target long term, consistent performance for you - we’re not interested in speculative or day trading.

Transparent reporting

You want to know that your portfolio is performing well so we report on your portfolio’s performance at each review. This helps you to assess whether your portfolio is performing in line with your financial objectives and expectations. Where appropriate, we can also report on performance against an agreed benchmark so that you can compare the actual performance of your portfolio to relative performance.

Open to your ideas

Other advisers will steer you towards their preferred category of investments: what they’re most familiar with or what gains them a commission. That’s not how we work. We do what’s in your best interests.

We never seek commissions and if we do receive them we pass them straight back to you as a rebate or a reduction to our agreed fee.

Investment research

Our listed investment research is sourced through Morningstar. We also receive research from Morgan Stanley and JBWere. Our managed fund research is sourced through Lonsec.