About Us

When you come to Parker Financial, you get personal service and comprehensive advice.

Think of us like a GP for your finances. We want to see you well looked after. That means taking a systematic approach. You might come to us with something specific in mind: setting up a self-managed super fund or making a significant investment. We’ll definitely help you with that but we’ll also look at the whole picture.

We go deeper to get a complete picture of your circumstances. We ask the questions other advisors don’t even think of to make sure we’ve captured everything that affects your financial wellbeing.

Just as importantly, we’re interested in what you want out of life — the little place down the coast, overseas travel or helping family. We bring all the pieces together to find out where you are now and where you want to be.

We work with people from all walks of life: doctors, business owners, professionals, senior public servants and military leaders. They are busy, successful people who are often time poor. What ties them together is a desire for a life of financial independence and an interest in honest advice.

In investing, there are always risks. We can’t guarantee results and neither can any other financial adviser. What we can promise you is that we’ll always be completely upfront, through the ups and downs, and dedicate our energy to helping you realise your goals.

Like a good GP, it’s a relationship of trust that grows over time.

Our services

The services we provide include:

How we work

  1. First meeting: a chance to get to know each other. It’s a free, no-obligation conversation about your goals and how you’d like us to help.
  2. Second meeting: we delve into the detail. We compile a complete picture of your finances: annual income and expenditure, current assets and liabilities. We’ll also define your goals in more detail. With this information, we can advise you where best to focus your energy.
  3. Proposal: we’ll outline some broad investment strategies together with an explanation of our service and the costs involved.
  4. Your choice: Where you go from here is completely up to you: if you’d like us to draw up a detailed Statement of Advice as a one-off service, we can do that. If you’d like us to work with you to implement that plan on an ongoing basis, we’re glad to help.

We find that the best results come from working side by side with you for the long term.

Our approach

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Our people

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